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Re: PATH && .bash_profile q's

On Aug Thu 28 2003 13:01, Jule Slootbeek wrote:
> ahh that did it, i thought .bashrc was just an extention of
> .bash_profile, never realised the suttle differences, thanks
> Jule

No problem! Just one little thing... this time, the answer was not very
"difficult" or interesting for most of the people in the list, but in
case next time the answer is something someone else might like to read
later, please Cc the list in your answer! :-) This way, we build a nice
"knowledge database".


J. Javier Maestro

> On Wed, 2003-08-27 at 19:12, J. Javier Maestro wrote:
> > On Aug Wed 27 2003 17:22, Jule Slootbeek wrote:
> > > Hi i just installed j2sdk1.3.1 from www.penguinppc.org and when i
> > > wanted to add the path /usr/local/j2sdk1.3.1/bin to the PATH variable
> > > in /etc/profile i noticed after a reboot, that when i open a
> > > gnome-terminal or rxvt, and echo $PATH it does not include any of the
> > > changes i made in either /etc/profile or ~/.bash_profile in the last
> > > file i have CVSROOT=/var/lib/cvs and when i echo $CVSROOT i don't get
> > > anything, unless i ssh to localhost. How can i fix this that my PATH
> > > is read correctly on logon?
> > 
> > .bash_profile is executed when login through a TTY, .bashrc when opening
> > a shell through *term; so I suggest you add the export in the .bashrc so
> > your bash environment is right when opening a gnome-terminal.
> > 
> > > TIA,
> > NAA

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