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Re: PBG4 12" Xmodmap doesn't work anymore

In short: What is overriding Xmodmap and how can I still configure my multi and mode switch keys?

if you're using KDE on a non-us keyboard, the internationalisation module overwrites the xmodmaps at KDE startup. I have a few modifications myself to my own keyboard, so I have to lamely run a xmodmap command at every KDE startup _after_ the internationalisation module has done its job (OK, it's just because I've been too lazy until now to read where .kderc or something is).

My guess is that GNOME probably does something equivalent, but I haven't checked.

So you might want to try out your modifications manually after you desktop environnement has started... if they work, you'll just have to put the right script at the right place.

Good luck
  -- Emmanuel

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