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Re: swiss german keyboard config needed (xev results)

On Wed, 2003-08-20 at 13:31, Frank Murphy wrote:
> The problem is that Mode_switch and Multi_key can't be assigned to the same 
> keycode or keysym with only a level-shift to separate them. The third- and 
> fourth-levels are useless because Mode_switch must be pressed before they can 
> be used (and that's what we're trying to assign). But even Shift can't be 
> used because of the 'û' exampe above:  Mode_shift+Shift = Mutli_key, but 
> Multi_key needs shift to get to the circumflex above the 6-key.

I can get the fourth level with Mode_switch-Shift-key (as opposed to
Shift-Mode_switch-key, which becomes Multi_key-key), and IIRC it only
works that way even on the extended keyboard with the right alt key.

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