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Re: make-kpkg modules_image on PBG4 12" debian unstable

Sven Luther wrote:

On Sun, Aug 17, 2003 at 10:30:17AM +0200, Pander wrote:
Hi all,

make-kpkg modules_image doesn't work on my machine. Has anyone some pointers for me? Can this be because of runnig make-kpkg config? Anyways, the problem is the empty for it is doing. See the output below.

Sorry, it is not real clear what the problem is.

I guess that make-kpkg modules_image get launched, but faim to build any
modules, is this right ?

If yes, the most probable cause is that you have nothing in
/usr/src/modules, you have to first unpack the modules files from

The normal make modules still works OK

But this does something else, it just builds the builting modules, which
is part of the make-kpkg kernel-image target. modules_image is only for
external modules, like the dri, mol or alsa modules for example.

Aha, now I see. So since I have removed mol-modules, make-kpkg modules_image isn't doing anything anymore, since all the normal modules get build by make-kpkg kernel_image. Thanks for your feedback on this.



Sven Luther

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