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Re: Powerbook G4 getting very hot. Solution?

Kiko wrote:

On 18/07/2003 at 09:58, Pander wrote:

at power-save speed it doesn't produce as much heat as in full-speed
mode. I've written this 'deamon' to control it.

My iBook also becomes quite hot after some time of use in this season.
In my case, the responsible is the hard disk. I use this daemon:


that sets powersave/performance modes dynamically (I do not notice any
performance degradation, it works quite well).

Hi Kiko and the rest,

Does anyone know if there is a debian powerpc package available for cpudyn?

According to cpudyn's site, it also controlles the speed dynamically when it is not using the battery. Is this unwanted according to you and should it be full speed whenever it is not using the battery? Is this configurable? Or is this not an issue and you don't notice any difference.



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