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Installing Debian on a Powerbook G4, first time

Newbie warning.  I am a complete moron.

I too am trying to install Debian Linux on a Powermac G4.  I have been
following the instructions detailed here


and of course here


I can get the system boot, find my harddrive,  and install to the
point of Configuring the Driver Modules, where I encounter an error
saying "No modules were found in /target/lib/modules/2.4.20-ben5 that
could be configured,... blah blah blah"

Well there is a good reason for this because the kernel install pulls

which does, in fact, contain 2.4.18 modules, instead of 2.4.20.  
Obviously something is getting pulled down from the wrong place, but
what?  I have scanned the instructions carefully, and
followed them exactally as stated.  Is there some sort of missing step
that is so obvious only a idiot like me would not know it?

I got my yaboot, yaboot.conf, and images/root.bin from 

and my linux.bin from 

The other odd thing that is going on is my harddrive is identified as
/dev/hde instead of hda or hdc.

Where am I going wrong?


Bryan Schwerer

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