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Re: 2-4-21-rc3-benh0 - hfsplus

On Thu, May 29, 2003 at 06:10:47PM +0100, Oliver Ripka wrote:
> there is another annoying thing.  This is I destroyed a mounted
> hfsplus partition by writing about 2GB to it. The error said it was
> a B-Tree problem.  (sorry have not got more debugging info).  I
> tried to repair the partition with the disk utility from the macosx
> boot cd. It gave me the same error message and then tried to repair
> the fs. The repairing process was completed successfully. But after
> rebooting the macosx installed on that partition wont boot. Just the
> gray startup screen with a corrupt graphic.

I had a testcase that would cause similar problems, but the new
(20030702) hfsplus driver handles my testcase fine now.

If you are feeling brave and have backed up data, you should try
your test again.  You could also tell me more about your testcase and
i'll try it out.  Or you can make an hfsplus image under Darwin (or
macosX command line) with a command like this:

 hdiutil create -megabytes 1024 -fs HFS+ -layout NONE hdibig.img

and then loopback mount hdibig.img for testing.

if both of our issues have been fixed in 20030702, then i know of no
other reports of problems with roman zippel's driver.


Rob Latham                                        Chicago, IL USA             

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