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Re: Apple vs IBM

Em Sun, 13 Jul 2003 04:31:20 +0800, debia escreveu:

>> 	The CPU is the least relevant part in a server nowadays.  This is one of
>> the reasons why x86 is actually a bad choice for a server: it dedicate
>> design and operation resources to the wrong part of the system.
> This is a workstation.

	This is what comes from not following the URLs.

	The same holds true to a lesser degree, because even if the
CPU in a workstation is more important than in a server, still the
most important part(s) in a workstation isn't the CPU but are the
graphics adaptor and the system buses.

>> > What's special about this IBM kit to justify its price?
>> 	Some words: support, reliability, OSs and thoroughput.
>> 	The Apples can't run AIX, GNU/Linux is all but unsupported, and 
> IBM has been talking for some time about discontinuing AIX. It has done
> so on some platforms (IA32, S/390).

	This is old stuff.  It was never relevant in IA32 and S/390,
just a curiosity.

	Thre are still lotsa organisations depending heavily on AIX.
And GNU/Linux in the Apples is simply a pain, due to unsupported
components like the softmodems and some units in the graphics
adaptors.  Witness the G5 hasn't even a unit in the hands of
developers yet.

>> don't have the same bus bandwidth between processor(s), memory and
> This is a workstation with one processor.


> True, it has 1 Mbyte of L2 cache.

	This is just a small part of the story.  Actually cache is
just to compensate slower memory and buses; make them faster and cache
gets less relevant.  And this precisely has been one of Apple's
handicaps, and the reason why cache increases on Apples have been so
heartily cheered.

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