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Re: Linux + IBM PowerPC RS6K

Em Thu, 10 Jul 2003 17:15:09 -0300, Ricardo Alonso escreveu:

> In the laboratory that i work here in my university, we have some ibm
> powerpc rs6000 machines (7006-410, 7006-42T, 7011-250, 7012-390 e 7024). all
> then have aix instaled and working, but we are having serius problems with
> this... so, i'd like to install a linux distribution in all of then, but i'm
> not find any one that run ok in this machine... can someone help me??

	Have you already checked they are supported hardware at

	Some models even have supported Red Hat and SuSE CDs by IBM.  If so, they
should run Debian OK as well, as hardware support is at the kernel, not
distribution specific.

	It would also help if we knew of any specific problems you had, if any.

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