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wallstreet fan, install, trackpad

It's definitely the fan, I have a modular bay cdrom,
which is out at the moment. And that fan seems to be
running quite fast. It's loud! I installed with boot
floppies and network install from debian stable. I had
troubles with booting off hard disk, so I'm using a
boot floppy with an altered image pointing to my root
partition for the time being. I'm looking into using
miboot on the hard disk. Once I get that figured out,
it will be easier to try the newer kernels. Uname
tells me I have 2.2.20-pmac. And pmud version
By the way, I'm losing the mouse upon waking from
closing/opening the lid. I can't figure out if pmud is
supposed to automagically do this. I lose it on the
console (gpm) as well. Seems only a reboot brings it
back. But I've come a long way from the Mac rom screen
with a flashing question mark disk icon. The previous
owner just gave up when he saw that. Any feedback or
rtfm's welcome. 
PS:sorry if someone got this mail twice. I'm not on my
usual mailer. getting used to it. Thanks.

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