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Re: {firewire,modem,superdrive}problems with 2.4.21-ben2

On Wed, 2003-07-09 at 19:17, emorfin@caracol.red.cinvestav.mx wrote:

> #modprobe ohci1394
> it insert both modules.

hmmhh. strange, are you also on a powerbook 15" ?
> > 2.modem
> > I use the latest hcfusb driver as from their website. The driver loads
> > ok and I can even use minicom dial up to some remote machine and the
> > like. However when using wvdial I get a successful connection again and
> > an IP assigned, but as soon as I ask about routing tables (route) or
> > ping to the gateway I land in xmon.
> > 
> i can surf in the web with mi modem, airport or ethernet (fast and 
> gigabit) with no trouble.
> did you modify the common.mak file in the modem drivers? (before 
> installing)

well ethernet and wlan works nicely...

No, I did not modify the common.mak file....

> i burned some data-dvd without trouble (cdrecord). i had not tested with 
> movie-dvd.

which version of cdrecord ? I use the one from debian unstable build
with dvd=yes...

> I am not an expert, but maybe you need to recompile your kernel with 
> diferent options, if you like, i can send you my .config file.

Yes this is highly appreciated, although I am not sure whether this
would help...


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