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G4 Cube and audio

I've got a G4 Cube running sid, and since it's quieter and cooler than
my Athlon based PC, it's pretty much my primary machine at home right
now.  The one thing I'm missing is music.  The Cube doesn't have built
in audio hardware, and instead needs USB audio.  Can anybody suggest a
decent USB audio system that works with Linux on this machine?  I don't
want to spend a ton of money on it.  I was hoping that something like
the "Apple Pro Speakers"
would be available with a USB interface.  All the USB speakers listed on
Apple's store cost far more money than I'm interested in spending.

Alternatively, does something like
work with Linux?  It's an adaptor made by Griffin Technology that
converts between a 1/8" stereo speaker plug and a USB port.  If Linux
can drive this thing, it might be the right way for me to go (beats
having two sets of speakers on my desk, after all).


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