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Re: kernel-patch-2.4.21-powerpc packages available for testing.

> > Fine - I just built mol modules against my old 2.4.20-benh yesterday and
> > it just hung my machine. Time to try something known working.
> I'm afraid the updated packages will take a little longer since they
> contain the new mol-modules-2.4.21-powerpc package and therefore
> require manual intervention to be allowed into the archive.  But I'm a
> bit surprised to hear that mol hung your machine - BenH kernels and
> self-built modules have always been working nicely for me.  Are you
> sure you built everything using version 3 of gcc?

Nope, the kernel was built using 2.95.4. The modules were built using 3.3

> > Yep. That's what unstable is for....
> Hack. Slash. Burn.

Right. Why does yaboot insist there's no kernel on the (unclean) ext3 root
partition, again?


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