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Re: 2.4.21-ben2 and acard aec6280m (CONFIG_AEC62XX_TUNING)


Yes the CONFIG_AEC62XX_TUNING *must* be set for that driver to work for ppc.  
Without tuning it will not properly work for ppc linux and you get either 
partition check problems or:

> hdX: dma_timer_expiry: dma status == 0x24
> hdX: lost interrupt
> hdX: dma_intr: bad DMA status (dma_stat=30)
> hdX: dma_intr: status=0x50 { DriveReady SeekComplete }

Ben can you please add back in CONFIG_AEC62XX_TUNING and make it the default 
under ppc linux.

Luckily the code in the kernel  in drivers/ide/aec62xx.c
still has the ifdefs in place 


struct chipset_bus_clock_list_entry {
        byte            xfer_speed;

        byte            chipset_settings_34;
        byte            ultra_settings_34;

        byte            chipset_settings_33;
        byte            ultra_settings_33;

So you could try adding CONFIG_AEC62XX_TUNING=y  to the .config for the kernel 
build and if that doesn't work simply patch drivers/ide/aec62xx.c 

To change every occurence of 



#if 1 /* def CONFIG_AEC62XX_TUNING */

And build it yourself.


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