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Wakeup problems on TiBook II

Hi everyone,

I'm having trouble with getting my TiBook II (Powerbook G4 550 MHz) to wake
up from the sleep mode. Going to sleep works fine when I close the lid or
call snooze, the disks spin down and the led starts pulsating. The wakeup
also works fine otherwise, but nine times out of ten the display gets
garbled and keyboard input is not recognised anymore. I can use the machine
over the network every time though, so the kernel hasn't crashed. This
happens also in console-mode, so this bug is apparently not related to X in
any way.

Has anyone else had similar problems? I run up-to-date unstable with
2.4.21-ben1 kernel. The pmud and pbbuttons packaged are installed.

Best wishes,

Teemu Ikonen

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