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Re: Apple PowerMac G5

On Wed, Jul 02, 2003 at 02:32:34AM +0200, Segher Boessenkool wrote:
> Sven Luther wrote:
> > So you think that the north-bridge could be an Apple-IBM common design ?
> It's an Apple design.

Indeed, manufactured by IBM. I'm just curious to see what bridge
IBM will use in their 970 machines.

> > The rest is not as important, as it is connected trough a HyperTransport
> > bus, so any HT chip will do. The funny thing is that they have a special
> > PCI-X bridge sitting between the north bridge and the super IO chip. I
> No.  The "super-io chip" (a KeyLargo derivative) is connected to HT.
> > guess this one is just a off-the-shelve piece, while the IO chip is of
> Correct, the HT<->PCI-X bridges for the slots are AMD parts.
> > more common apple lineage. It has serial ATA, standard ATA for the
> I believe the serial ATA is a separate (non-Apple) part.

Not according recently released Apple's docs:


The K2 chip has a lot of things in it: 2 serial ATA,
one parallel ATA, a HT link, a Firewire controller
(the PHY is external), the Ethernet controller (including
the PHY), 2 USB 1.1 controllers (for Modem and Bluetooth), 
an I2S interface for sound, an interrupt controller (MPIC), 
the PMU interface, and finally a standard PCI bus (for the 
USB2.0 controller and the optional Airport Extreme card).

It probably has a few more things I missed. Another
interesting point is that the memory controller can
use 2GB DIMM modules, which could bring the total
RAM to 16GB for the memory hungry ;-)

> > USB 2.0,
> A separate, non-Apple part (hi Ben).

Indeed, K2 has USB, but only 1.1 for internal

> > Firewire 800,
> I'm not sure about this.  The FireWire 400 is the same as before,
> though.
> > networking and
> Still SUN GEM.
> > audio.
> Still TAS3004, but with added optical links.
> > Naturally, one could even build a PPC 970 motherboard with This
> > IBM/Apple northbridge, some PCI bridge, and Nvidia's HT connected
> > southbridges, not that we have much drivers for them though.
> Yes, but why?  And engineering adequate cooling for the 970 seems
> to be non-trivial, to say the least...

It is non trivial because Apple seems to have done everything they
could do to minimize noise. The power dissipation of a 970 is in 
the 50W range, worst case, which is easily in the range of forced 
air cooling when you don't care about noise.


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