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Re: ALSA ../alsa-kernel/ppc/keywest.c:84: tumbler: cannot initialize the MCS

OoO En cette nuit nuageuse du mardi 01 juillet 2003, vers 01:49,
Grzesiek Sedek <grzesiek@mi2.hr> disait:

> Just little more details:
> dmesg show this:

> ALSA ../alsa-kernel/ppc/keywest.c:84: tumbler: cannot initialize the MCS

> this is kernel 21-ben2 and alsa 9.4
> under kernel 20-ben10 and alsa 9.1 everything is fine.

Load dmasound_pmac before alsa (modprobe dmasound_pmac ;
modprobe -r dmasound_powermac). You can put this in modules.conf

I have this at then end of my /etc/modutils/alsa :

pre-install snd-powermac modprobe dmasound_pmac ; rmmod dmasound_pmac

post-remove dmasound_pmac rmmod dmasound_pcore

If you unload ALSA before sleeping, you take the risk that it reloads
itself if you have some app which is using the sound card (xmms, even
stopped queries the mixer). I have changed snd-card-0 to snd-card-000
so alsa does not load automagically, juste when you use
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