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Re: non-US keyboard on Pismo

> The source of the problem is that absolutely everything in XFree is assumed
> to be a variation on PC keyboards.  The bottom row on a Finnish/Swedish
> pc105 is:
> 	Control_L,(windows),Alt_L,space,Mode_switch,(windows),(menu),Control_R.
> On a Finnish/Swedish early iMac with the narrow USB keyboard, xev says:
> 	Control_L,Alt_L,Super_L,space,Multikey.
> What it should be (as far as Mac OS keymaps and console-tools go):
> 	Control_L,Mode_switch,Alt_L,space,(?).
> This corresponds to
> /usr/share/keymaps/i386/qwerty/mac-usb-fi-latin1.kmap.gz loaded by
> console-tools, which is an exact match for the map used in Mac OS.

So it seems that you'll have to remap the keyboard yourself. The old way is 
using xmodmap; the new way is to use setxkbmap. Use xev to get the X 
keycodes, then remap to what you want. Another otpion to try might be in the 
ServerLayout section, add a line Option "CustomKeycode" which should use the 
Linux console keycodes. I tried it, but had problems with the modifier keys, 
so perhaps just using setxbmap first is what you'll need.


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