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Re: pbbuttonsd && APM events (/etc/apm/*.d/)

El vie, 13-06-2003 a las 10:40, Michael Schmitz escribió:
> > > > Advanced Power Management (Daemon): is a daemon able to trigger actions
> > >
> > > Does it exist for powerpc hardware? For Alpha, Mips, Sparc, ... ??
> > >
> >
> > There is an APM emulation for PowerPC that lets you use some of the APM
> > utils that are not available with pmud (some battery monitors, and
> > XFree86 sleep mode, for example).
> Complete enough to make apmd work on powerpc?

I think so.

> I'm aware of kernel apm emulation and it's uses for X sleep mode. Overall,
> I'd like a more generic power management handling that doesn't require
> emulating apm where we can, and discarding pmu features not present in
> apm.

Yes, it could be really good use native power management always.

> Running apm scripts is possible from pwrctl-local if desired.
> 	Michael


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