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My sound driver/module (?) doesn`t work (dmasound)

I installed Woody on my PowerBook G3 and upgraded and compiled the kernel to
ben10 from ben9. But now my sound is not working anymore. When I try to
reinstall the driver with my floppies I get a message that this
reinstallation doesn't work.

After a hint from this list I tried to use modconf but I couldn't find the
dmasound driver in the modconf list. Also pointing the modconf source to the
installer/driver disk didn't work.

When I boot up in kernel benh10, I can see the following boot message:

dmasound_pmac: Awacs/Screamer Code Mfct: 1 Rev 4

which looks like the driver is installed.

And further down during bootup it sais:

dmasound modprobe: Can't locate module dmasound

So it looks like the module is not present.

So after that I did two new kernel compilations. The first one during `make
menuconfig' with the choice of the DMA sound drivers as modules (M). And the
second one with the choice of the DMA sound drivers as part of the kernel
In both cases the messages from above appear and the sound doesn't work.

I did the compilation like: make menuconfig, make clean, make dep, make
vmlinux, make modules, make modules_install.

Does anybody have an idea?

Is it a bug in the benh10 kernel because in benh9 I had no problem?


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