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Re: Newbie needs help: apt configuration problem installing woody on PM9600 (long)

On Monday 09 June 2003 15:57, innisjohn@mcleodusa.net wrote:
> went fine.  However on my Power Mac, I am getting crashes during the
> configuration of some newly installed packages. I have gotten the
> following errors during the dozen or so times I have tried the
> configuration after install.
> <#2, kernel panic>
> unable to handle kernel paging request at virtual address 15015805
> (error 42000000) <followed by usual traceback information>
> and a CD-R on SCSI bus 0.   I have been running MacOs 9.1 on this
> machine for some time without difficulty.  Otherwise I would swear I
> have a hardware problem.
> system go fine, as long as I do not allow the installer to do a bad
> block check on the drive.  I have gone through this several times, and
> any time I allow the installer to check for bad blocks, it crashes the
> machine.
> kept getting worse until I experienced another crash.
> usually the same.  First off, am I doing something wrong?  Second is it
> possible I have a hardware problem that is not affecting MacOs, but is
> making Linux unhappy?
I do not know this model, is this an SMP machine? It looks like hardware 
failure to me.


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