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Re: potato chrp ISO?

Von: Krisztian Mark Szentes <office@produktivIT.com>
Datum: Sa, 7. Jun 2003  10:13:41 Europe/Berlin
Betreff: Re: potato chrp ISO?

On Friday 06 June 2003 16:24, Jens Kutilek wrote:

You could try the installation instructions I have written on

Correction: I had to press "8" on the serial console to get to the OF
prompt. F1, F5, F8 are to press on a graphical console and 1, 5, 8 on a
serial one.
There is no "5" in the menu which I got into by pressing "1", but an "X"
clearly gave me the exit option.

You can go through the menus by pressing 1, the 2 for Multiboot, then 5 for OK Prompt.

You can press 8 to go to the prompt right away.

The kernel http://www.kutilek.de/technik/linux.bin threw the following

0 > boot floppy:,\linux.bin root=/dev/sda4 chrpboot starting: loaded at
gunzipping (0x00010000 <- 0x00416470:0x004d96ec)...
Unexpected Firmware Error:
DEFAULT CATCH!, code=fff00700 at   %SRR0: 0083b960   %SRR1: 00083000

No error here for me, but the command line is for booting in graphical mode. For console, use as you wrote:

0 > boot floppy:,\linux.bin root=/dev/sda4 video=keep console=ttyS0

but I think there's no root FS on sda at this time.

though it lacks nfs functionality ("fs type nfs not supported
by kernel") and vfat ("fs type vfat not supported by kernel")

This kernel is just for booting the installation. If you need NFS to install, well, you need to make your own kernel ...

Using nano over the serial cable and minicom was a nightmare, because I am
not used to it and most of the screen did not get redrawn, so I did not
see my lines. Consequently, the network wasn't set up (no
/etc/network/interfaces) so I had to quit the apt section of the

I forgot to configure the network via the installer

I should point out the importance of configuring the network more clearly in my docs ... ;-)

 lacked bunzip2 and I had to install it via a floppy disk ...
:-( A bit of a mess.

I thought bunzip2 was in basedebs.tar!?

After the mkofboot -v and reboot the OF did not find the software.

Doesn't mkofboot set the right OF boot device? I can't remember changing anything by hand in OF's boot settings.

Then I told at the OF prompt "boot disk", but after loading it hung and I
did not see why, no matter which kernel I used:

boot disk: root=/dev/sda4 video=keep chrpboot console=ttyS0  -
the "-" is where the "/" startet to rotate and got stuck with code E140

If you don't get the yaboot prompt, I guess something went wrong with mkofboot.


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