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Re: OpenOffice on Mac G4

On (02/06/03 14:03), Rogério Brito wrote:
> On Jun 02 2003, Clive Menzies wrote:
> > I'm actually running woody but apt-get install openoffice.org did
> > the trick and I now have OOo installed and working ;-).  Someday I
> > ought to upgrade to testing but because it's been such a long haul
> > to get thus far, I'm reluctant to tamper with it in case I break it.
> > But maybe when feeling brave....
> 	One doesn't need to be that brave to use testing. I'm using it
> 	for months now and things *rarely* break. In fact, it would
> 	help if the main focus of Debian users switched to testing
> 	instead of sid, for quality assurance purposes.
> 	OTOH, I'm not that brave to use sid... And now that many
> 	packages from sid are migrating to testing, I don't feel that
> 	I need to use sid, unless I'm actually serving as guinea pig
> 	for some package.

Hi Rogerio

I use dselect to keep my system up to date but when I added sarge to my
sources list and tried to install OOo using dselect, it seemed to want
to remove many of the KDE 3 components that I had.  I tried resolving
the various dependencies and conflicts but in the ended opted to use
apt-get to install OOo. 

I've subsequently removed sarge from the sources list.  I suspect that
this is not the Debian way of doing things but I am too busy at the
moment to spend time putting the system I have back together. 

I did think that at some point I might backup my stuff 
to the woody server that I'm also running and then repartition the G4 to
leave less space for OSX.  I would then install woody and upgrade to
testing before installing packages.

Is there a better way of upgrading in the meantime without disturbing
what I currently have installed?



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