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Re: OpenOffice on Mac G4

On (02/06/03 07:19), Thanasis Kinias wrote:
> scripsit Clive Menzies:
> > After googling around and updating my sources list to include:
> > 
> > Hit http://ftp.freenet.de testing/main Packages
> > Hit http://ftp.freenet.de testing/main Release
> > Hit http://ftp.freenet.de testing/contrib Packages
> > Hit http://ftp.freenet.de testing/contrib Release
> > Get:1 http://ftp.freenet.de unstable/main Packages [20B]
> > Get:2 http://ftp.freenet.de unstable/main Release [125B]
> > Get:3 http://ftp.freenet.de unstable/contrib Packages [8051B]
> > Get:4 http://ftp.freenet.de unstable/contrib Release [128B]
> > 
> > I have a dependency problem; the openoffice-bin file is not available.
> > Further investigation suggests that the way to install on a mac is
> > different.  Please could someone advise how best to install the latest
> > version of Oo on this G4?
> If you are running testing, you don't need anything special for OOo now:
> 1.0.3-2 is in Sarge.  All you need in sources.list is:
>     deb ftp://ftp.us.debian.org/debian/ sarge main contrib non-free
> (or an appropriate mirror)

Thanks Thanasis

I'm actually running woody but apt-get install openoffice.org did the
trick and I now have OOo installed and working ;-).  Someday I ought to
upgrade to testing but because it's been such a long haul to get thus
far, I'm reluctant to tamper with it in case I break it.  But maybe when
feeling brave....



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