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2-4-21-rc3-benh0 - hfsplus


I just compiled the kernel from the rsync-server.
Mainly because of the included hfsplus support. 
Beside the really annoying "Blink laptop LED on 
activity", which I turned out after having it first
compiled in(I think on can use this access to the LED
for better purposes like programming a general interface
for it so one can for example be alerted if mail
, there is another annoying thing.
This is I destroyed a mounted hfsplus partition by writing
about 2GB to it. The error said it was a B-Tree problem.
(sorry have not got more debugging info).
I tried to repair the partition with the disk utility from 
the macosx boot cd. It gave me the same error message
and then tried to repair the fs. The repairing process
was completed successfully. But after rebooting the macosx
installed on that partition wont boot. Just the gray startup
screen with a corrupt graphic.

In spite of the problem thank you for adding hfsplus suppport 
to the kernel!


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