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Debian Installation on an IBM p630 LPAR

We had the opportunity to test a p630 for a few weeks at our workplace.
After the AIX tests were finished, we decided to install Debian GNU/Linux
on one partition of the machine.

Since we (or Google, actually) could not find any unified document
describing the process of installing Debian on POWER4 machines, we hope
that our account of the installation procedure will be of general

Below are links to German and English versions of the write-up we did. We
benefitted greatly from the Debian-Network-Installation-on-POWER3 HOWTO by
Rolf Brudeseth which was posted to the debian-powerpc list in July 2002.

  http://people.debian.org/~fmw/p630-LPAR-Debian-de.txt  German
  http://people.debian.org/~fmw/p630-LPAR-Debian-en.txt  English

Manuel Lässer
Ralf Strauss
Florian M. Weps

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