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recent pbbuttonsd problems

I haven't done any apt-get updates in the last three weeks. When I did
a couple in the last few days my pbbuttonsd upgraded itself to 0.5.3a-2.

My function keys don't control the screen brightness anymore, and the
pbbuttonsd daemon doesn't register my keystrokes as activity counting
towards keeping the screen undimmed -- under the default install every
60 seconds the screen dims unless I touch the trackpad. Most annoying!

I hope to sort this out before I go on holiday in the next few days,
when I will need to use the battery a good deal. Anyone know a solution?
I'm worried previous versions use the old libc6...


cat /pro/cpuinfo:

cpu		    : 750CX
temperature	: 1-5 C (uncalibrated)
clock		: 499MHz
revision	: 34.20 (pvr 0008 2214)
bogomips	: 996.14
machine		: PowerBook4,1
motherboard	: PowerBook4,1 PowerBook2,2 MacRISC2 MacRISC Power Macintosh
detected as	: 257 (iBook 2)
pmac flags	: 00000003
L2 cache	: 256K unified
memory		: 256MB
pmac-generation	: NewWorld

Rory Campbell-Lange 

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