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Building a debian distribution base on hdd

Can anyone point out to me the correct directory structure for a 
Debian software base, or more precisely a way to build the structure 
from 7 installation iso9660 images? What I previously tried was 
simply to copy them all to the same folder (and see what happens). 
But that apparently wasn't it: I had a long chat with dselect about 
where I thought my Package files, my contrib, my main, my non-US and 
so on would be, and it found a fair part of the huge pile of 
packages, but not everything.

I also experimented with different directory contents a bit, and now 
it's broken. :-) I have taken fresh encouragement of the fact that I 
know what is fundamentally wrong with my setup, and with plenty of hd 
space to fool iso files and their contents around on, I'd really like 
to see the basic floor plan that will really get me started.

Thanks in advance for any help!


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