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Re: Reduce brightness on a PB12"

On Mon, 2003-05-26 at 22:04, Orion Buckminster Montoya wrote:
> On Mon, May 26, 2003 at 04:36:20PM -0300, Rog?rio Brito wrote:
> > 	Depending on the kernel that you are running (recommended:
> > 	BenH's tree), you should be able to simply press the same keys
> > 	as you would in MacOS X.
> If this is working for the new powerbooks, I'm not aware of it.  I'm
> running BenH's stable tree and it doesn't work.  

I confirm, it doesn't work yet

> > > I'd like to know how to reduce the brightness. Is that possible w/o
> > > booting OSX?
> I figure this is part of the general PMU system that has yet to be
> hammered out (see BenH's messages about writing an emulator for this
> platform as a prerequisite to getting PMU working.)  So, no, it's not
> currently possible, as far as I know.

Hrm... You are mixing things up ;)

The PMU is a device that deals with the keyboard, trackpad, various power
management tasks, etc... That one, we know how to deal with.

The Sleep mode requires proper restoring of the nVidia video chip on
wakeup from sleep, that is what we don't know how to do and will
probably require an Open Firmware emulator so we can re-run the chip
POST code from ROM.

The backlight is yet a different matter. I suppose that it's controlled
by some register of the nVidia chip, but we have no documentation for
these, so we juts don't know what register and how.


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