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Re: gphoto2 segfaults on my iBook

On 26/05/2003 at 22:44, eric@b.org wrote:

> >I'm running Debian sid and my kernel is:
>                      ^^^^
> I think here is the problem....

Indeed it was.

> I'm not sure about gphoto2, but I suggest you to downgrade to 
> libusb/testing.... the last libusb/unstable seems to be buggy.
> (Filename: pool/main/libu/libusb/libusb-0.1-4_0.1.7-1_powerpc.deb seems 
> to be buggy))

I had looked for bugs in gphoto2 and libgphoto2 at bugs.debian.org (I
should had looked into libusb package's bugs).

> The complete name of the good version is :
> pool/main/libu/libusb/libusb-0.1-4_0.1.6a-2.1.1_powerpc.deb

Downgrading 'libusb-0.1-4' to version '1:0.1.6a-2.1.1' (from testing)
solved the problem.

Thank you very much. :-)


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