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Re: segfault php4

Le sam 24/05/2003 à 17:49, Jean-Christophe Michel a écrit :

> I get a strange segfault error on some php4 files that used to work,
> since last update on unstable. Some file work, some don't.
> Do some of you encounter the same errors on php4 used with apache ?
> I guess it's linked with some lib, but have no clue.

I progress: i got a 
MMCACHE: PHP crashed on opline 38 of get_declared_classes() at

So MMCACHE (libmm13 in this last php4 version) and php have problems...

Linux 2.4.20 benh on powerpc, Package: php4 4:4.2.3-14 debian unstable.

Jean-Christophe Michel <jc.michel@symetrie.com>

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