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Re: cpufreq on TiBook 400 MHz

Krisztian Mark Szentes wrote:

I wonder why there is no /proc/cpufreq on my Titanium PowerBook G4 (400 MHz).

Because no-one filled in the right values yet.

In linux-2.4.20/arch/ppc/platforms/pmac_cpufreq.c  it says:
/* Currently, we support the following machines:
 *  - Titanium PowerBook 800 (PMU based, 667Mhz & 800Mhz)
 *  - Titanium PowerBook 500 (PMU based, 300Mhz & 500Mhz)
 *  - iBook2 500 (PMU based, 400Mhz & 500Mhz)
>  *  - iBook2 700 (CPU based, 400Mhz & 700Mhz, support low voltage)
>  */

From Apple's spec sheets:
PowerBook4,1: high speed is 500 or 600, low speed is 400.
PowerBook4,2: no spec available.
PowerBook4,3: high speed is 600 or 700, low speed not mentioned.

These are the iBooks, I don't have the sheets for the TiBooks
readily available; maybe look in there?

I seem to remember the PowerBook3,2 @ 400 has a low speed of
300MHz, but I'm not fully sure about that -- better check it
yourself (apple.com -> developer -> hardware -> all products
or something like that, it's not too hard to find).

Or ask the System Profiler (in MacOS), under heading "hardware overview".

        /* Else check for TiPb 500 */
        else if (machine_is_compatible("PowerBook3,2")) {
                /* We only know about 500Mhz model */
                if (cur_freq < 450000 || cur_freq > 550000)
                        goto out;

Try to remove these last three lines (your own risk, of course).

                hi_freq = cur_freq;
                low_freq = 300000;
                has_freq_ctl = 1;
                cpufreq_uses_pmu = 1;

Is my machine missing some crucial hardware? I have a TiPb 400, don't I?

It doesn't miss anything.  You do have a PowerBook G4 "Mercury" @ 400MHz.

Have fun,


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