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Re: starmax 3000/180 video issues

simon writes:

> hi again,

Hi Simon,

> um, i'm installing debian on a bunch of starmaxen (starmaxes ?) -
> mostly 3000s, i think there's a 4000, and i managed to get debian
> going on one of them (after *many* reboots, and a whole bunch of
> stuff), i am now stuck trying to figure out the video OF
> setting. ATM it's set to append="video=ofonly". well, X11 is going
> on these things, so i need to get video set up correctly. i think
> it's video=atyfb, but i'm not sure - has anyone else gotten the
> correct OF output-device, and kernel append= line on one of these?



is what worked to my liking although on a 3000/160, but as I recall,
there is another setting which has a higher or lower resolution. Note
that this was one of the larger obstacles I needed to overcome even to
begin an install for without it the display was illegible.

   Anyway, I foresaw others having similar difficulties and placed
some basic information on my website at:



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