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Re: can not launch xfree86 on debian linux on ibook G3

On Fri, 2003-05-16 at 18:21, suyb wrote:
>    is it  the MUST to make xfree86 work on ibook that to install the 
> "drm-trunk-modules-src"? or it 's just an option?

The latter, it's only required for the DRI.

> then I do "startx" the screen turn to black ( grey actually) 
> immidiately and hunged.

IIRC this happens on some iBooks if the agpgart kernel module isn't
loaded (make sure to load it before the radeon module)

> I searched some mail-list about installation of debian linux on ibook 
> 3, I found another guy run in to the problem of "unresolved symblies in 
> gamma.o" and fixed that with changing XF86Config-4

Huh? XF86Config-4 doesn't have anything to do with those unresolved
symbols, which are harmless as I pointed out.

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