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Re: Don't have /dev/cdrom

/dev/hdc is probaly setup with mode 660 (owner can read and write, group members can read and write, others have no access). /dev/hdc is likely owned by the 'disk' group (run 'ls -l /dev/hdc' to find out for sure). You need to add all user accounts that you want to be able to eject /dev/hdc to the 'disk' group.



willy morin wrote:
Many application ask me for /dev/cdrom but I don't have this entry. I have a powerbook G4 400 and I think my dvd appears in /dev/hdc. I have made a symlink from /dev/cdrom to /dev/hdc and now it work great but only root can eject cdrom via eject /dev/cdrom

Could you help me please ?
Have a nice day :)

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