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direct reboot into MacOS X needed after a system update?


The subject sounds rather ot, but I guess normal apple users wouldn't be
able to answer this, since they are not dualbooting.

Well, I've downloaded the MacOS X Combo update via the system update
tool, and afterwards, you are requested to reboot. To this day, I got it
right. But today, I managed to forget to press Alt, and after clicking reboot
it booted right into debian.. (I'm a good manager, no?)

Ok, so far what was going on. Now the question: is the reboot needed to
do some postinstall work whilst start up, or is it just the old joke,
well, you've installed something, please reboot, otherwise it won't get
loaded? Because, e.g. for a firmware update, you have to reboot since the
updating process actually happens during the restart phase (or slightly

So, has it been a mistake to not reboot into MacOS X, i.e. there is
some temporary setting which triggers some special operations during
the first reboot after an update, or is it just there that the newly
installed stuff gets loaded, and it doesn't matter if you reboot into
debian first..

I wouldn't be concernced normally, but the Combo update also fixed some
security issues, and I am quite about security!

Hope someone has some insight, would be very thankful! All the best,

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