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Re: making swap partition during install

On Mon, May 05, 2003 at 01:36:18PM -0400, mushis@mail.lafayette.edu wrote:
> Dear people,
> I ran into a small problem while going through the debian installer for 3.0r1. 
> During the hard disk partitioning phase ...how do you createa swap 
> partition...cos when I try use the command "C [startfreeblock] /dev/sdaX", 
> select 512Mb then type Linux swap as the type of partition I get an error  
> about bad size??! Later on when I try to make this swap partition useable 
> the installer doesn't find it so I always end up choosing "Do Without Swap 
> partition". ..is the lack of a swap partition really deterimental to 
> performance? I have a beige g3-400, with 512Mb Ram and 18Gig SCSI 
> disk.

Instead of creating a partition with a type of Linux swap, 
which is an invalid partition type, just create a normal 
Linux partition (using small c) and name it 'swap'. This is
covered in the manual, if a bit briefly.

Yes, you definitely want a swap partition if at all possible.  It's
true it may not use it very much with that much RAM, but a lot of
software out there wants to know it's there.

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