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Re: Debian install on beige G3 (Of 2.4)

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Hi all,

> On   2 May, this message from mushis@mail.lafayette.edu echoed through
> cyberspace:
> > I have been trying to install debian on my beige g3 minitower (g3-400, 512
> > Mb Ram, 18 Gig SCSI HD, DVD-ROM) and have been painfully unsuccesful.
> Hmm, beige G3 with SCSI? Is this the Apple SCSI card? If yes, I had to
> upgrade he card's firmware on the machine I have at work. I'll check on
> Monday... I think I have the URL for the explanation/firmware
> somewhere...

Have a look at this Apple KB article:


(or search for 'MacOS X SCSICard Updater' at

It seems MacOS X needs an updated firmware on the Apple OEN FW-SCSI
card. I did perform the upgrade, but I can't remember what te symptom
of my problem was.

Also, the link I remembered in my previous mail is this one:


But I don't know what was so interesting about it :-)




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