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Re: Bad sound from iMac headphone jacks

Ok, not being an audio person, what is the differnce between a line level socket and a headphones socket?

A line level source has a higher voltage or something, and/or runs at a different impedance. I think. :^)

Is a headphone socket for devices without build in amplifiers? and a line level socket the opposite?

No, they're both fairly low level signals, even though they're different. You can, for instance run an amplifier (home stereo, etc) from a headphone jack though it may not work quite as nicely as a line level input. Just to confuse the issue. ;^)

Presumably using headphones isn't the cause of the very poor sound on the line level socket?

Quite possibly - my headphone are very distorted when run from a line source. (From Mac OS, though.) To check, run the line out to a tape in (or any other line level input, not phono) on a stereo system with the appropriate adapter cables and see what it sounds like there.


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