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Re: Bad sound from iMac headphone jacks

On Thu, May 01, 2003 at 08:13:23PM +0100, Matthew Buckett wrote:
> I'm running debian woody on a iMac 350 (slot loading) and I seem to get 
> problems with the sound when it is sent through the headphones socket on 
> the right of the machine. The sound is rough, not crackly, it's 
> difficult to describe but definatly wrong. I think the sound is ok 
> through the speaker but it is not as easy to tell. I do not have this 
> problem under Mac OS9 or Mac OSX. I'm using dmasound_pmac and the 
> standard debian kernel:
> i2c-core.o: i2c core module
> i2c-core.o: adapter uni-n 0 registered as adapter 0.
> i2c-core.o: adapter uni-n 1 registered as adapter 1.
> Found KeyWest i2c on "uni-n", 2 channels, stepping: 4 bits
> i2c-core.o: adapter mac-io 0 registered as adapter 2.
> Found KeyWest i2c on "mac-io", 1 channel, stepping: 4 bits
> i2c-dev.o: i2c /dev entries driver module
> i2c-core.o: driver i2c-dev dummy driver registered.
> i2c-dev.o: Registered 'uni-n 0' as minor 0
> i2c-dev.o: Registered 'uni-n 1' as minor 1
> i2c-dev.o: Registered 'mac-io 0' as minor 2
> dmasound_pmac: Awacs/Screamer Codec Mfct: 1 Rev 3
> PowerMac Screamer  DMA sound driver rev 016 installed
> Core driver edition 01.06 : PowerMac Built-in Sound driver edition 00.07
> Write will use    4 fragments of   32768 bytes as default
> Read  will use    4 fragments of   32768 bytes as default
> Also is it possible to have the speakers muted when headphones are 
> plugged in as under Mac OS(9,X)?

aumix seems to mute the speakers independently, using the top 
2 rows to control the internal and external outputs.


Chris Tillman
- Linux Rox -

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