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Re: LaCie DataBank Firewire Harddisk: Supported on linux?

I think if you get a drive in a case with the Oxford 911 IDE-to-firewire
bridge chipset, you should be okay as far as compatibility goes.  Though
I always thought it was the chipset on your firewire card that was more
important ...

I think my only issue with the Oxford 911 is that it doesn't (or didn't)
support drives larger than 128 GB, but since you're asking about pocket
drives (in the laptop class), this won't be an issue for you.  At least,
not yet ... ;-)


On Thu, 1 May 2003 luis.sanjuan@hispalinux.es wrote:

> Has anybody experience with the new LaCie DataBank FireWire Harddisk? I
> see in http://linux1394.sourceforge.net that the LaCie PocketDrive 30GB
> is well supported. But they don't mention the new DataBank.
> Any idea about the best choice for us between pocket FireWire harddisks?

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