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Re: touchpad trouble on ibook 2.2

I've got same problem, it has been happening like that for a while,
finally trackpad doesn't work at all. I have to use external usb mouse. 
It happened right after 1 year - means no guarantee anymore. 
Perhaps Macintosh fits self destructing trackpads?

On Sat, 2003-04-19 at 18:14, Florian Feigenbutz wrote:
> Hi everybody,
> after installing Debian on an iBook 2.2 and running it very fine for
> some months I now experience problems with my touchpad :(
> I'm not sure whether this is a software problem or a hardware problem
> but I wanted to ask here if some of you perhaps got similar problems(?).
> When using the iBook for around half an hour or longer my mouse starts
> to hang spontaniously. I can solve this hanging by either pressing a
> keyboard button or by pressing the touchpad a bit harder.. As the second
> solution does not seem very nice to me I mostly try the first one. Those
> problems do also appear when I often use the suspend mode instead of
> shutting down the system completely.
> In the last few days when I enjoyed this great weather outside it
> happened that I could not even get the mouse running when pressing any
> button :( So I booted into MacOS X but even there the mouse hang off
> after a few movements, I did not get it moving again.. What strikes me
> about the test with MacOS is the fact that the mouse problem was even
> worse than with Debian.. So I shut the system down, enjoyed the weather
> and started it again when it was completely cool again. Only booted into
> MacOS and it hang again! Just when I moved the mouse the first time on
> an icon and tried to click it..
> The next day everything was fine again, now I'm writing this mail,
> running Debian and experiencing no problems with the touchpad again..
> Can anybody tell me why? :)
> Really got no idea..
> Could it be a hardware error? Why does this not appear more regularely?
> Florian Feigenbutz.
> By the way:  
> I'm running 2.4.20-ben10 kernel on Debian unstable.

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