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Re: superdrive and geforce 440

On Sat, 2003-04-12 at 17:31, florian wrote:
> hi!
> does the nvidia geforce4 440 card which ships with some of the
> new powerbook work yet with debian/linux? how about sleep?

Still waiting for user reports on these. The 440 may work with
XFree "nv" driver (though certainly not with as many features
as the ATI chips, "nv" doesn't provide much accels on GeForce4's)

Sleep is not supported, and will not be on nVidia-based machines
for a while.

> same for the superdrive.. anybody got it working? i searched 
> with google,  but didnt really find anything about it..

Well... I suppose it works like any other ATAPI drive... If cdrecord
can actually burn things with it, that I don't know, but I suppose it


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