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RE: usb ohci camera on ben8

No dice.

It pestered me to specify a filesystem type. I guessed and tried a few,
including "auto"(what would the proper fs be?)

It then moved on to tell me "mount: no medium found". Any ideas?

Could this be complicated by the fact that I'm booting with a kernel
argument use ide-scsi emulation?


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Quoting Mark Barr <MBarr@infoglide.com>:

> lsmod shows that the usb-storage module has been loaded and looks good.
> So
> what else do i have to do? Where has it mounted? Or has it?

If it works the same as mine, when the usb-storage module loads, it creates
hook to the camera's file system as a SCSI drive.  So /dev/sda1 is now a
device file (assuming you don't have any SCSI hard drives installed).  To
get at
the camera, create a mount point, and mount the drive on it:
mount /dev/sda1 /mnt/dummy
for example, where /mnt/dummy is an empty directory.  Then look in
for your picture files.  You won't necessarily see the files in the
that you mounted, you may have to decend into a directory tree to find what
you're looking for. 

Craig Steffen

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