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Re: No X Windows on PowerBook G3 Help!

> > So the previous kernel was also a 2.4.18 release?
> >
> No the previous kernel was the 2.2.20 kernel that I have on my floppies.

That one might have been suffering from the PCI overlap (I'd need to see a
lspci -vv output from the 2.2 kernel to be sure). Your 2.4 lspci dump
shows no resource overlap (2.4 kernels are capable of cleaning up
overlapped PCI resources on startup, that's why). So X should work to some
extent without crashing.

> >> I found the only working driver was the "fbdev" driver, needing no System
> >> RAM, but needing /dev/input/mice.
> >
> > Did fbdev work with the old kernel also? I suspect your new kernel doesn't
> > fix the problem but rather found an old way to bypass the problem (Michel:
> > does X mangle the PCI resources only with the aty driver, or does this
> > happen with fbdev as well?)
> No, the fbdev driver works as the only one only on the 2.4.18 kernel. With
> this new kernel the problem was solved.

OK; I just have to assume the LT-G is still unsupported by the XFree ati
driver, then. fbdev is a bit slower but at least functional.


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