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Re: php4 package broken

> > Sorry, I'm coming in late on this. I'm suffering from a broken testing
> > broken php4, but "apt-get -t unstable install php4" just gives me a list
> > of broken dependencies.
> >
> > How can I get around this?
> > R
> >
> > (Tried unstable first, same failure).
> > roz:/home/rory# apt-get -t stable install php4
> -t doesn't downgrade, you'll probably have to use a pin with priority
> higher than 1000 to go back to stable.
> If you post the output with -t unstable, we might be able to help. The
> general idea is to add the packages it complains about to the apt-get
> line, see what the real problems are and solve them.

The real problem is that php4 requires the unstable libc6 so please just
upgrade libc6 (and -dev and locales) to unstable then install testing

Worked for me just a few minutes ago.


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