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Long ping times.

Hello.  My name is Edward and I'm a Debian user.

I have an iBook2 (bought last August) running woody and Linux 2.4.20-ben5.

After the iBook has been on for a while, ping times from my desktop to the
laptop go from being about 1ms to about 1000ms.  No packets are dropped,
they are just a second slow.

Rebooting the laptop brings the ping times back down to 1ms again for
about a minute or two, then they go back to being 1000ms.

Has anyone else experienced this odd behaviour?  Maybe I am suffering from
a case of broken hardware and it isn't really anything to do with Debian
etc. at all.  I would post a more interesting bug report, but to be
honest, I can't really begin to think where the problem lies and therefore
what logs / config files might be interesting.

Thanks for listening though :)


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