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compiling qt3/kde3 programs


I installed kde3.1 on Debian some days ago and since then I have
troubles compiling any qt3/kde program, even if I have [possibly] all
the needed devel packages insalled: when I try to "configure" a tarball
I get errors saying that the qt3 libs and headers are not found. I'm
using official kde3/qt3 packages from unstable and gcc3.2 (but also
tryed linking gcc/g++ to gcc2.95/g++2.95 with no better results):

libqt3-headers		3.1.1-5
libqt3-mt-dev		3.1.1-5
libqt3-plugins-headers	3.1.1-5 
libqt3c102-mt		3.1.1-5
qt3-dev-tools		3.1.1-5

And these are the /usr/lib/libqt*


I hope this information is enough.
Thank you in advance!

Guido Amoruso <guidonte@libero.it>

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