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Re: Installing on a beige G3

On  11 Mar, this message from Angela Kahealani echoed through cyberspace:
> On Tue, 2003-03-11 05:14, Chris Tillman wrote:
>> We finally figured out on the list a couple months ago (actually
>> I think Michel _remembered_) that quik couldn't handle G3,

Well, actually, I fixed it originally in 1999 or so when I upgraded my
7600 with a G3 processor card, but forgot about the problem with quik.

Later, someone else (I forget who...) had the same problem, and came up
with a very similar patch. He also filed a bug against quik.

During that discussion, I agreed to supply my working first.b, and...

>> but that
>> a patch was available. Michel provided the patched quik module that
>> Forrest mentioned.
> where is that archive accessible?

... that's what you can find here:




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