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Re: console: aty128fb on G4

Le mardi 11 mars 2003, Alessandro Selli écrit :
> Il giorno Tue, 11 Mar 2003, Nicolas Bertolissio così ha scritto:
> |aty128fb:1280x1024-75
> |aty128fb:1600x1200-64
>   Of course,  you put "video=" before those lines.
yes, I've alse tried with a `@' instead of the hyphen (I found the
hyphen on the web) and tried to add bpp value with no more success.

Well I looked at the messages log, in fact the hyphen doesn't works at
all, it always fall back to a 80x30, but:
800x600@120, 1024x768@99, 1280x1024@75 gives right console result,
832x624@120 and 1056x792@96 are wrong and gives 80x30

>   I did notice some options do not actually work as described in that file,
> but I did not test them on PowerMacs.  The file is also inconsistent: it gives
> two different syntaxes for the video mode selection: "XxX@X" and "XxXxX".
> However, you could try them.  Also:
> vmode:x  - chooses PowerMacintosh video mode <x>. Depreciated.
> cmode:x  - chooses PowerMacintosh colour mode <x>. Depreciated.
> Even if they are "depreciated", you could try them, at worst nothing will
> change, I think (hope).
vmode: 14, 15, 16, 17 (1024x768 @60, @72, @75, @75) give right console
vmode: 19 (1280x960@75) also
vmode: 20 (1280x1024@75) also but this one is the only one I can get an
       image with, cmode: 8, 15, 16, 24

I know I've already tries things like that, but maybe I never tried
vmode:20 as other values where wrong for me.

Does anyone want me to try other values, or something that could be
interesting to check?

Thanks a lot for help.

I'll try to run XFree now.


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